ptg advises in care programming of health organisations

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care and work processes

Together with the client, we identify the work processes clearly. We look at current processes that are focused on the provision of care and treatment, and we also examine the supporting processes. During the development phase we pay particular attention to the future situation: it is important to carefully determine how the completed project will ultimately function. In this way, we establish good basic principles for future housing development.

business plans

What are the consequences of certain organisational choices for the business? When preparing a business plan, we assess the consequences and translate them into practice; what are the consequences for the working methods, production, formation, operation and investments? We consider a care vision, care/supply strategy and/or a care logistic model as part of the business plan.

functional and spatial schedules of requirements

During the preparation of a new building construction and/or renovation project we verify on your behalf which functional and spatial requirements your future accommodation must meet. At the organisational level and at the level of the various divisions, we meet with representatives from your organisation to identify which activities are taking place, how many employees use certain rooms, which type of production is realised and which facilities are present or required. We are specialists in the preparation of a schedule of requirements for which these details, in combination with the future vision of the organisation and our knowledge of trends, developments and standards, form the basis.

A schedule of requirements contains both a summary of the required space per function and a summary page per function in which important functional basic principles and spatial relationships are indicated.

programming processes

We shape the process to establish a schedule of requirements or business plan in close cooperation with the client. This is necessary, because it involves complex processes that need to be described accurately. We adapt the working method and format of the final result according to your requirements. We can, for example, include various discussion rounds per function group in the process, or a ‘construction theme week’ for several groups at once, pressure cooker sessions or other creative working formats.