ptg advises housing strategy & process management

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Under the housing strategy theme, we advise the client on housing issues from an integrated vision of various strategic aspects such as cooperation and positioning in the region, area development, financing, corporate social responsibility and process design.

cooperation and positioning in the region

Together with the client, we identify the various care provisions and services in the region. We look at current partnerships and opportunities and threats for future cooperation. Based on this, we lay the foundations for a successful positioning of the care organisation in the region.

area development

The development of a hospital is often the driving force for area development. In addition, integrated area development is often necessary for the success of the housing plans of a care organisation. From our knowledge of and experience with the care sector, together with the client, we first define the objectives and basic principles for the envisaged synergy and the character and the structure of the area to be developed. These aspects form the basis of a development strategy. Together, we select and contract development partners from the market, manage the spatial planning processes and supervise the actual development and realisation.

process design

Together with the client, we design an approach to arrive at a well-supported plan with both internal and external stakeholders. Through innovative process proposals, we are able to increase the level of support for the result and accelerate the design processes. A well-thought out cooperation with construction parties leads to a reduction of the financial risks and optimisation of the technical and functional end result.


Obtaining financing is crucial for the realisation of a housing strategy. We assist the client in making financing feasible through highlighting the legal and fiscal aspects, investigating the added value of the business operations and/or ownership, and developing a strategy on how to approach the market. Our approach is based on the changing perspective of financiers. We anticipate the requirements imposed by financiers on the planned housing at an early stage. Dealing with the effects of growth and shrinkage are an integral part of the housing scenarios that we develop. We have extensive experience with alternative financing processes and constructions, and the opportunities and pitfalls involved.

corporate social responsibility

The development of a housing issue provides the perfect opportunity to demonstrate the social ambitions of our clients. This is not just about realising a sustainable building but, above all, it is also about improving the quality of life of patients, the working environment of the employees and achieving a sustainable business with lower costs and a smaller carbon footprint. In this way, we are taking responsibility for a sustainable society.