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MAASTRO clinic

MAASTRO clinic is an independent radiotherapy institute in Maastricht. To provide proton therapy to 400 patients a year from the end of 2018, MAASTRO clinic has established a private company under the name of ZON-PTC (Southeast Netherlands Proton Therapy Centre). In addition to MAASTRO clinic, Maastricht UMC+ (legal entity in which the academic hospital Maastricht (azM) and University Maastricht (UM) participate) also participates in this private company.

After abandoning previous new build plans, ZON-PTC now has plans to renovate the existing Dr. Tans building, in which MAASTRO clinic is housed. Specifically, the proposed renovation involves the realisation of a new proton bunker at the location of the two existing photon bunkers which are to be demolished.

We have been commissioned by ZON-PTC to fulfil the role of external construction project manager during the renovation. In this role, we head up the Technical Design Team and supervise the technical development plan. We are also responsible for financial management and advise on contract management. As part of our role, administrative decisions on the development plan are prepared by us.

The development process for the renovation commenced at the beginning of May 2016. Meanwhile, the preliminary design has been completed and we are now working on the technical design. The financing of the renovation has recently been finalised. The demolition of the existing bunkers is scheduled for late 2016/early 2017. Construction of the new proton bunker has to take place in 2017.

In addition to our role of external construction project manager, we provide ad hoc strategic advice to the Board of Directors of ZON-PTC on the development process of the renovation.

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