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The Westfriesgasthuis is a regional hospital with a teaching function. The main location is Hoorn.

There are two external outpatient clinics, one in Enkhuizen and one in Heerhugowaard. The Westfriesgasthuis has an available capacity of 350 beds.

We have advised the Westfriesgasthuis on the single location new-build (phase 1), which was completed in 2003. We were subsequently very involved in the planning and realisation of the replacement new build and expansion of the hospital (phase 2). This project has been completed in the beginning of 2015 and has become operational in the course of 2015. In addition, we have provided advice to Westfriesgasthuis in partnership with several hospitals on the building of a Radiotherapy and Oncology Centre, which was completed in 2012.

Our consultancy work for the Westfriesgasthuis concerns strategic housing advice, care programming and project/process management. The design sessions with patients that we initiated and supported for the Radiotherapy and Oncology Centre were particularly special and innovative. We were also involved in the development of new housing concepts for the new Mother-Child Centre and the hospitality day centre, for instance. Furthermore, during the implementation of phase 2, we fulfilled the role of building agent for the Westfriesgasthuis and the financing party. This is a new role in the changing market in which we work.

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