Tergooi is the regional hospital for the Gooi & Vecht region with two main locations: one in Hilversum and one in Blaricum. Tergooi also has an external outpatient clinic in Weesp.

In the wooded surroundings of Monnikenberg, a health park will be realised within the next few years with the 1st phase of the new building for Tergooi in Hilversum as the central building. The existing hospital building (Tergooi in Hilversum) will still be largely maintained for the next 10 years. In the grounds of Tergooi, further facilities are being developed for the Tergooi Clinics: a diagnostic centre, a kidney centre, centres for oncology, vascular medicine and geriatrics, the regional ambulance service, and facilities for third parties such as the thrombosis service and the regional GP practice.

In the grounds of Merem Treatment Centre, further facilities for Merem Treatment Centre and the Mytyl school De Trappenberg are being developed. In the health park Monnikenberg, there is further room for several large care-related facilities. Also in Monnikenberg, approximately 600 houses with unique living concepts, such as forest park living and country estate living, will ultimately be realised.

Tergooi has the express ambition to develop a compact and flexible new build with far-reaching ambitions for care in a green, sustainable and healing environment. Furthermore, Tergooi has the ambition to develop both a physical and a virtual hospital at the same time.

We have assisted Tergooi in formulating and elaborating the basic principles for the new accommodation, developed the concepts for the new accommodation in cooperation with the designers, and drawn up the schedules of requirements for the various locations. We are currently assisting with the development of the design and taking care of cost management.

In addition, in our role as programme director, we provide the programme management for the new building and renovation works. In this role, we supervise the development and realisation of the new building and the adaptations to the existing locations. We are in charge of and coordinate the required procedures at the various locations (for location Hilversum/Monnikenberg and for location Blaricum irrevocable spatial plans, the design processes, the financial management processes and the internal and external communication are in place). We are also closely involved with the funding and financing of the plans.

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