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Slingeland Ziekenhuis

Slingeland Ziekenhuis is a regional hospital that also serves West Achterhoek. In addition to the main location in Doetinchem, there are two secondary locations, one in Doetinchem (Gezellenlaan) and one in Varsseveld. The Slingeland Hospital is currently in a merger process with the District Hospital Queen Beatrix in Winterswijk.

We have been advising the hospital organisation on its strategic housing issues since the end of 2011.
To date, this concerns advice on the decision between renovation of the existing hospital building or a new building and the feasibility of a new hospital, including the development of the urban planning frameworks for promising possible new locations, in close consultation with the municipality of Doetinchem.

We have also defined the future function profile in close cooperation with the Slingeland Ziekenhuis. In the meantime, our client has opted for a new building at a new location on the A18 motorway. In close consultation with the municipality of Doetinchem, we are currently working out the urban planning frameworks and other conditions for development of the new location, we are assisting in the procurement of land and we are establishing the terms under which the existing location can be redeveloped in due course. We also support the Slingeland Hospital in contracting the envisaged designers and consultants, and the construction project management for the further development and realisation of the new building.

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