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ROC Nijmegen

ROC Nijmegen is a regional education centre. More than 9,500 students study at ROC Nijmegen and approximately 950 people work there. ROC Nijmegen has several branches in Nijmegen and a branch in Boxmeer.

On behalf of ROC Nijmegen, we are, in our role of external project leader, currently giving shape to the rehousing of the branch in Boxmeer, De Maasvallei, in the form of renovating the existing housing. The current building is highly outdated and, through renovation, will become spatially and technically up to date and made suitable for short-term and long-term educational purposes. Together with ROC Nijmegen, we set up the project organisation for the renovation and organised a multiple private tender on behalf of a construction team process, in which the renovation plan will be developed. In this role, we will supervise both the internal project processes and the technical development plan with consultants and market parties.

In the role of external project leader we have previously carried out the process management over the envisaged cooperation and new construction for De Maasvallei in the care, learning and business park Sterckwijck. Together with ROC Nijmegen, we set up the project organisation for the new build development. Together with ROC Nijmegen and M3V Adviespartners, we developed a complete tender specification, including the spatial and functional schedule of requirements and the technical schedule of requirements, suitable for tender. We organised the European tender for ROC Nijmegen on a digital tender platform in the form of a DBFM construction. The intention was to allow the market to be the owner/investor of the new building and ROC Nijmegen to act as the tenant.

In addition to the development of the new building in Boxmeer, we advised and assisted ROC Nijmegen in the redevelopment of the existing location which was still to be vacated at the time.

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