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Medisch Spectrum Twente

Medisch Spectrum Twente (MST), one of the largest non-academic, top clinical hospitals in the Netherlands has hospital locations in Enschede and Oldenzaal and external outpatient clinics in Haaksbergen and Losser. MST serves a catchment area of approximately 264,000 residents.

Together with MST, we have drawn up a long-term housing plan (LTHP) for MST, involving a single-location renovation and a new build project on the Haaksbergerstraat in Enschede and the renovation of Oldenzaal. We have defined the basic philosophy and the basic programming for these projects. We have subsequently helped to shape the development and design process and supervised the implementation. The new building in Enschede and the renovated building in Oldenzaal were both put into use in 2016.

We fulfil two important roles in the entire process. Firstly, the role in which we translate the care content to competitive hospital property. Secondly, based on the care content, we help shape the complex process and project management, including the associated financial management of the overall project.

In addition to the single-location new build project in Enschede and the reprofiling of Oldenzaal, we are currently advising MST on the redevelopment of the existing location on the Haaksbergerstraat.

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