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Medisch Centrum Leeuwarden

Medisch Centrum Leeuwarden (MCL – Leeuwarden Medical Centre) is the leading top clinical teaching hospital in Friesland with locations in Leeuwarden and Harlingen. MCL is part of Zorgpartners Friesland, together with the Tjongerschans Hospital in Heerenveen and Noorderbreedte (elderly and home care services).

A new building is under development at the Leeuwarden location for the operating theatre complex, the cardiac catheterisation complex, a department for family centred care, the expansion of Dokterswacht Friesland BV (GP surgery) and housing for Revalidatie Friesland (Rehabilitation Friesland) as part of the housing strategy of the organisation.

Together with our client, we have developed the housing strategy and translated this into concrete projects. In these processes we were involved with the translation of the vision to housing strategy and policy, the programming of projects, the elaboration of projects to layouts and the project management.

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