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Máxima Medisch Centrum

Máxima Medisch Centrum (MMC – Máxima Medical Centre) is a top clinical hospital with locations in Veldhoven and Eindhoven.

Together with MMC, at the Veldhoven location, we have shaped the housing of a unique concept for the Netherlands: integrated, family-oriented care in the Woman-Mother-Child Centre. The centre was opened in 2012. We provided the concept development, the spatial and functional programming, the management of the design process and we supported the price and contract formation.

From a functional and technical point of view parts of the buildings at the Veldhoven and Eindhoven locations are in need of refurbishment. In the changing context of care, together with our client we have developed the future care and housing concept for both locations, in conformity with a real estate strategy for the medium term. For the Veldhoven location, this resulted in a large-scale ‘midlife update’ which is realised at the moment. For the Eindhoven location we have recently completed a revitalisation of the centre with a scope of approximately 15 years. In this context, we have compiled the location profiles and housing strategy and translated them into a definition and structuring of projects regarding the two locations.

During the entire process, we are responsible for the programming and we supervise the functional design process of the various renovation projects on behalf of MMC in Veldhoven. In addition, we advise the MMC on the approach and process design of its projects.

Furthermore, we have also analysed the development potential of the MMC and possible scenarios for the Health Technology Park, a breeding ground for medical innovation in cutting edge technology in the Brainport region. On this basis, we prepared a flexible and phaseable development strategy to enable MMC’s ambition to obtain shape and substance in stages. For this, we have organised a development competition to select a suitable development partner from the market who can realise MMC’s ambition. We advise the MMC in achieving its ambition, in its discussions with local and national authorities and in the drafting of the contract with the various partners. Demonstrable value creation and adequate hedging against risks are paramount in this regard.

We advise the MMC and the development organisation for the Health Innovation Campus from the initial step towards realising the campus, namely the business case for chain cooperation in which, among others, MMC, Zuidzorg, RSZK and the Fitland Group are involved.


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