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Erasmus MC

The Erasmus MC, established in the heart of the city of Rotterdam, is one of the largest academic hospitals in the Netherlands with approximately 1,000 beds.

The Erasmus MC is realising an extensive new building project at the current location in several phases.

The first part of the new building was completed on 30 January 2013. This 85,000 m² building houses offices, laboratories, a pharmacy, the central sterilisation unit and rehabilitation facilities. The A&E department will become operational in the second half of 2014. It is anticipated that the next phase will be completed in 2017. This 100,000 m² building will include clinics, outpatient clinics, operating theatres, intensive care units, radiology and radiotherapy facilities.

In 2004, we reassessed the basic principles for the capacity of the new building. We subsequently drew up the schedules of requirements and, in 2006, commenced with the translation to layouts and agreement drawings. In this regard we act as intermediary between the various user organisations and the designers. We support the Integral Building Programme of the Erasmus MC by managing this process and through coordinating the structural development.

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