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Catharina Ziekenhuis

The Catharina Ziekenhuis is a top clinical and highly specialist teaching hospital for the region, located in Eindhoven. The hospital’s main focal points are cardiology and cardiothoracic surgery, oncology and bariatrics. The Catharina Ziekenhuis has a total of 696 beds.

In 2010, we prepared a long-term housing plan for the Catharina Ziekenhuis based on renovation and expansion of the building at the existing location. We are currently involved in the elaboration and realisation of the various renovation and new building projects, such as the new-built of the hearth centre and two hybrid operating rooms.

Together with our client, we are working on the challenge to translate the high ambition of the Catharina Ziekenhuis into viable new building and renovation plans and to blend them as well as possible into an existing group of buildings of various construction years. We are, among other things, involved in the renovation of the wards, the construction and renovation of the outpatient clinics, the construction of the main hall and a heart centre. In addition to strategic advice on housing issues, we are involved in the preparation of the schedules of requirements, the design supervision and the project management.

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