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BovenIJ Ziekenhuis

The BovenIJ ziekenhuis is a general basic hospital in Amsterdam-Noord. The hospital has 313 beds.
It offers modern medical technologies and fulfils a central function for the residents of the region.
The atmosphere is friendly and open.

The BovenIJ ziekenhuis aims to strengthen its hospital profile through further specialisation of its care provision and alignment with care partners in the region. Its objective is to become the leading elective treatment centre for the entire region. This requires a transition in both the organisation of care and the housing thereof. Cooperation in the chain is a prerequisite in this regard.

We have prepared the long-term housing plan together with the BovenIJ ziekenhuis. Key priorities include the implementation of a Day Centre, the renovation of the operating theatre and the structural integration of the HAP/SEH (GP out-of-hours services/A&E). The realisation of a Woman-Child Centre is a distinct possibility. Optimum use of the existing property volume forms the basic principle for further development. We also play a role in the development of projects in the long-term housing plan, in which we closely monitor the implementation of the projects concerned within the established frameworks.

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