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Princess Máxima Centre for Paediatric Oncology

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ptg advies is an independent and market-oriented consultancy firm

We focus on housing issues in the health care sector and we are principally involved in the interaction between housing and business operations. Our attention is turned towards the following themes: advice on housing strategy, programming, and process and project management of care organisations.

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Corina Schols, partner at ptg advies

`Encouraging people and organisations to get moving and to look ahead in order to make care that bit better; that intrigues me each and every day.'

Paul van Rooijen, partner at ptg advies

'It is nice to see that the visual and model-based translation of complex issues leads to understanding and clarity of decision making; this ensures the progress of the projects.'

Bert Jan Grevink, partner at ptg advies

`Each day it is inspiring to develop high quality and attainable housing in the dynamic world of health care; working with numerous professionals and managing creative processes feels like a privilege.'

Wilma Terwel, partner at ptg advies

`Together with professionals, empathising with their care processes and translating them to new working methods and related housing concepts. Those are the challenging change processes!'

Michiel Sitsen, partner at ptg advies

`The energy that is created when the financial structure in a complex project becomes visible from the content is fantastic. The instrument to help steer the project, work out scenarios and thereby control the project has subsequently been born.'

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